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Action not words: NSM more video from Kalamazoo


See NSM members clash with the anti's in this video. Members of NSM MI. and Ohio slam right into the enemies of the White Race, Police on Horses disperse the National Socialists to save the anti-racists! Great video footage, a must see! George Washington, Adolf Hitler, and other great Revolutionairy hero's did not win their battles by sitting on the sidelines or whining about how we can't change anything. Unlike so many defeatists in the struggle who would rather capitulate to our enemies than fight. The NSM takes the fight right into the frontlines as witnessed below! Join with us today, stand up for your Folk:

Also, if you like the picture/action below check out the band Total War out now on NSM Records. The man in the picture is the vocalist for the band. Not only does he write and sing about WP, he lives it, and fights for it on the frontlines.

Expect alot more direct confrontation from the NSM, the streets are being taken back now! Stand with us, as we push the anti-White scum out of our streets once and for all.


Merissa Ferguson / Kalamazoo Gazette

Citizens protest hate
Protesters, left, get in a heated argument with a National Socialist Movement member, right, while Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department officers on horseback try to intervene during a protest outside the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety headquarters off Crosstown Parkway in downtown Kalamazoo, where white supremacists held a rally Saturday afternoon. Read the story | See video of the rally


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