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NSM on tv: Nazi Group May Shut Down Busy Street For Protest

From Action 3 News in Omaha:  

Nazi Group To Protest Illegal Immigration In Omaha

Omaha, NE - A major Omaha road may be shut down this weekend by Nazis. 

The National Socialist Movement will shut down Dodge street Saturday to protest illegal immigration.  The Nazi protest at the Mexican Consulate is becoming a cause for community concern. So much concern in fact, the white supremacist group will receive a police escort in and out of Omaha as well as police security during the event according to both the consulate and protestors.

"I have seen every kind of demonstration from pro to totally contrary so they are totally within there right to do it," says Consul Jose Luis Cuevas.

His calm demeanor may be unexpected but it couldn't be more opposite of the National Socialist Movement.  The white supremacist group planning to crowd the streets around Cuevas building.

"This is not Mexico and we don't want it to be Mexico," says Col. Tim Bishop with the National Socialist Movement. 

Illegal immigration threatens the self described Nazi group's main goal.

"The preservation and the promotion of the white Arian Caucasian people," says Bishop.

Only the swastika emblazoned protest against illegal immigrants will happen outside the one place in Omaha Mexicans can obtain legal identification.

"I guess because it has a Mexican flag out front or they misinterpret what we do," says the Consul.

"They're telling people to come here. They're telling people where they can get social services. They're telling people how to exploit the system," says Bishop.

The consul's concern is not the demonstration but the potential for violent public reaction and damage to his building.

"A counter demonstration is not productive in any way and that's exactly what these people are looking for."

"Everything pro-white is racist. They've forced us into this extremist political position. And so they give us no other option so they should not be surprised with this rally," says Bishop.

Subject: xxx has sent you a video - Nazi Group May Shut Down Busy Street For Protest
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 03:29:30 -0400

Nazi Group May Shut Down Busy Street For Protest
NSM on tv news in Omaha.

You'll need a version of Windows Media Player 7 or higher to view the video. If you need to download it, go to The video player is supported by Microsoft IE 5.0 and above.

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