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Re: What the hell is going on?

Here is an e-mail I recieved today, one of many from unit leaders in the Party, Loyal committed people. The Party is stronger than ever! 88 From NSM WI below:
88! To all National Socialist Movement membership.  Over the last several weeks
we have heard from the Commander regarding the subjects of honor, duty, our
oaths, and the proper behavior of a Comrade. We are a National Socialist
organization, not a democracy, nor a social club, not a collection of
individuals, but a united force for our volk.  A NS organization is run on the
Fuhrerprizip, a concept brought to us from our ancestors--trust and obedience to
your superiors, responsibly and service to those in your command.  For too long
some amongst us have forgotten that no one individual is important, as our
Fuhrer instructs, but that we are all in service to our volk. I personally, and
on behalf of my state of Wisconsin, support all decisions of our Commander, who
acts to unify us all in service to the movement that is the only hope for our
people.  We have been through hard times before my Comrades, and will again many
times before all is said and done.  From experience, we know that the mud
slinging will be fast and furious, pay no mind.  Accept information only from
true sources, the rest is garbage. I am proud to be among you all, and to call
you my brothers and sisters!

M Sgt Johnson
Wisconsin State Leader
Director of NSM Media

On 10/20/07, Commander Schoep <> wrote:
ST. 1st Class Herring,
The only people that think the NSM is falling apart are the drama queens we tossed out. Most people that don't talk to them are already in better spirits now that the drama is away from us. If you wish to continue communications with them, perhaps tell them you do not wish to hear negative bs about our Party. Check out the NSM Watch site now,    Its now NSM Watching! Perhaps if Nick or whomever else wants to continue with the drama they will find more problems too. I have no desire to fight with any of them, but if they make attacks on the NSM, they can expect a shovel of sh*t back in their faces. I won't back down to those who wish to drag the Party down. I have an e-mail from Jim Ramm where he says that he wants to give to the ADL, anyone that collaborates with Ramm now is a traitor. Nick went on the Vonbluvens show calling me a con-man, theif, etc, Von is Bill White's right hand man, these guys have no Honor and I am glad they are gone. We are stronger now without them. Steel your resolve Brother. I am not angry with you at all, I understand your anger about this 100%, after all these years I think I am becoming desensitized to drama. I appreciate your fire for the Party, the key is to stay focused. If I were you and Angela, I would block Nick from your messenger contacts, if he is upsetting you in this way. Here is my #320-583-2380 if you ever would rather call me. 88 Commander Schoep

On 10/20/07, William Herring < > wrote:
Sir- Just today I have seen more crazy shit than in the last 8 months. My unit e-mail just got a message from Taylor Bowles. I am sure you have read it. Not only that, but on that cocksucker Schultze's "NSM Watch" I also viewed some truly outlandish shit. To be honest, I don't know if there is some grain of truth mixed in with the bullshit. Commander Sir- I am nobody in this organization.. I do not wish to overstep my place. I am merely a Stormtrooper, and I have zero clout and no real right to say a goddamn thing, but I have fucking had it! I LOVE the NSM and all that we stand for. I am very confused and extremely fucking pissed off at the current state of affairs. It is hard for a person in my position to believe anyone at this stage. There are so many claims of treason, betrayal, backstabbing, and general faggoty bullshit that I am want to kill every motherfucker in sight and start fresh. Jeff- I do not want to believe anything that I have read in the last 24 hours. But I am prepared to commit the rest of my life to this organization and I once I take my oath there will be no turning back. That is how seriously I take my word. I would rather take my own life than break an oath of loyalty.
Sir, you are our Fuhrer, and we trust you and will follow you to the gates of hell. But in my small opinion Sir, you must deal with and crush the current poison that is infecting this organization. Some of the things that are being said, wether true or not will surely cause a huge drop in membership, and may very well cause a landslide of resignations. Commander, please do not misunderstand me. I know my place very well and realize the possibility of harsh repercusions for insubordination. But my actions are only in the best interests of this organization which I have grown to love. I know that all organizations suffer growing pains, but I feel in my heart that this is something of a much larger magnitude.
My girlfriend, Pvt Waldon,has a Yahoo account that alerts any on her list when you are on-line. And so quite often while I am fucking around on the computer, a private chat-room box will open and there is Nick Chapelle. We have spoken at length. I decided not to be an asshole and have remained civil, expressing my regret that although he and Taylor Bowles had to resign from the NSM, I still wish them the best of luck etc, etc,.... He has informed me that their new organization has aligned on friendly terms with the Hammerskins and "several other" white nationalist groups.
I almost feel like a traitor piece of shit for doing this, but I view it as a security matter. Whatever troubles Nick and Taylor had with the NSM, they are still NS, and I have always maintained the position that any white man or woman fighting for the white race is OK by me, no matter what flag they fly. This is all very troubleing to me Sir. I joined this group with so much enthusiasm and determination, and now only a few months later it seems to be all falling apart. Make no mistake Sir- I AM NO DEFEATIST! I will stand at your side and fight until you show up at my door with notarized orders officially disbanding the NSM. But the current situation seems to be representative of whites in general. Our people are dying and all we can do is fight amongst eachother in petty squabbles and faggot-ass bitching. It makes me want to load up on AR-15s and a mountain of ammo and just exterminate the motherfuckers who are destroying the last chance of the white race to live.
Please excuse my unprofessional language Sir. But I am a COMMITTED National Socialist and I see the NSM as the finest and most admirable NS organization in the world, and it seems to be rapidly falling apart and it breaks my heart.
In closing Sir, no matter what happens, if we are down to just you and I marching alone, I will never turn my back on the NSM. I may be an ex-con, I may be a former criminal, but I know what loyalty and honor mean. I have a new life now and I took an oath in my heart when I signed on to the NSM. Like I said Commander- no matter what happens- I will never abandon you or this organiztion. Fuck Bill White, Fuck Jim Ramm, Mike Blevins, Taylor Bowles, Nick Chapelle, and any other gutless motherfuckers that have betrayed their oath.
                                                         I WILL NEVER TURN AWAY!!
                                                           ST First Class William Herring
                                                            NSM North Dakota

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement
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