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88 and heil yours my dear brother! We really proud to join NSM Skinhead Division. I was been in another city and cant answer to your e-mail. We want ask you. Can we use the materials from your web-page to our and we want translate to russians, your zine! Can we named like NSM Skinhead Division Russia? Can we use national symbols for NSM Russia or we must use the original? Can we odering the t-shirts of NSM, or we can made them in Russia and use your logo? I have a friends and comrades from two russians ns/wp rac bands, who want stand a voice of NSM in Russia? What you think about it, brother? Also we want organise a gig in Russia, in this summer. Can we use name of NSM for our gig? Can you travel to Russia for this gig and our meeting? White Revolution Its The Only Solution! Respect!

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