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Up Coming Speeches For Hardy Lloyd (updated May 11th) :

Up Coming Speeches For Hardy Lloyd (updated May 11th) :


June 7th in Pittsburgh, PA, USA I shall be giving a talk to a group of Mestizos from Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania? The people who helped me set up the Texas speech have changed the dates around for security reasons? Same speech, just for local browns who cannot make it to Texas? This originally was going to be on the 14th and in secrete, but is now being openly billed on a Mexican website?

On June 14th in Texas, USA I shall be giving a talk on the need for Fascist Unity amongst the whites and the browns, what Fascism is truly about, and why we need to step up the physical attacks against our enemies, to a group of Mestizo and Mexican nationalists...
The speech is to be in Spanish.
I will be busy all day Friday and Saturday, but free to meet people on Sunday...

Possible York, PA speech, summer or fall of 2008 CE... I would be a guest speaker at a Creativity meeting... (Don?t ask! lol)
If I accept my speech will center on Matt Hale and his railroading by the americans... I will briefly go over what Creativity is, the ideology behind it and such... I'll also talk about how america is anti White, anti free speech, and why the people need to revolt against it with violence!

On June 1st I shall be giving a talk in Pittsburgh's East Liberty area to a group of blacks... I shall speak on the need for blacks to strike back against the JEWS, and why black politicians don't give a shit about them! My thanks to Marv of "Ethnic Foods" for setting this up...
This is NOT a black muslim forum, but a group of local christian blacks, atheist blacks, and black business owners who are fed up with the JEWS! Those who wish to attend must know a local black or Marv. Media are not allowed to attend.
Those of the media who wish to interview me can do so afterwards... My Turkish friends will be handing over their Coffee Bar to me for a press conference after I'm done with the Q&A session from the East Liberty talk... My thanks to Ali, Boris, and Ti for giving me the bar!
I have the bar for interviews for 2 hours ONLY!
Those of the JEW groups who wish to interview me in private can meet me after the Coffee Bar... I am free the rest of the day and all day Moonday!

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