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Bill: Staff mail

SS Herring,
Staff mail:

From Minnesota, Rick Hiller, Waffen SS.

Sunday, August 24, 2008 1:20 PM
Dear Commander,

I have spoken at length with your recruiter who
fielded calls for your organization a few months ago.
We spoke for over an hour a couple of times and I
loved speaking with him. He was an older gentleman. A
veteran of the Korean war (I think).

I was looking for a job and getting turned down
everywhere I went. I had no money at all. I finally
got a part time job selling cameras and could pay the
20 dollar fee to enlist.

I don't know if his number is still on your site but I
can't seem to find it. My cell phone is turned off now
as well.

I feel passionate and fervent about supporting anyone
who will stand with me  under one nordic blood. I am a
young man of 29 who barely makes enough to survive
right now but I WANT to be a part.

I am an excellent sales person. I worked for Nordstrom
and was ranked number 5 in sales out of 40,000
national employees. I was forced out of my job by a
hispanic married Loss Prevention manager who verbally
abused me and I reported it early in my career. She
falsified reports about me; everything.

Equal opportunity employers are an enemy of the nordic
people. I want to unite with others and possibly have
my own unit that hails the symbol of the Waffen SS;
remembering the courage of the units, Totenkopf,
Leibstandarte, and Der Viking.

I am an avid history buff with much knowledge
concerning the SS and the Luftwaffe in particular.

Can you, or will you help me?

Are there others in my state I can unite with?

Our house phone does not dial out. (I know that sounds
ridiculous, but it is broken) It does get incoming
calls. The best time to reach me is in the morning.

The older gentleman should remember me from minnesota
and the history we discussed. Maybe he won't with all
the people he talks to.

My full name is : John Richard Hiller

I go by "Rick"

I have no violent criminal record or any felonies for
that matter. You sent me enlistment papers and my
roommate threw them away behind my back. I'm sorry
about that.

My home phone is: 952-935-4851
I really need to talk to someone.

I have 2 other roommates so you must ask for "Rick" if
anyone else answeres.

Please let me join you "Under one blood, under one

Here is a link to my photobucket account where you can
see a piture of me to prove I'm of Nordic blood.
(Norweigan, German & British)

I know that could be anyone but that's me; so help me

"Courage is my Honor."



Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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